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    Found in 1997Changjincheng Electrical Appliances Co., LTD, hereafter, abbreviated as CJC, is a large scale of industrial enterprise integrating the R&D and manufacturing of motors, rubber products and hardware products. We serve a broad range of industries including home appliances, home furnishing, automobile, electronics, logistics, warehousing, mechanical equipment and financial equipment ATM etc.

    CJC has 2 factories respectively located in Hunan Province and Guangdong Province with 1 international trading company in Shenzhen, its vertically integrated manufacturing system can extensively offer fast small batch production for both motor and rubber industry. From accessories to finished products, CJC delivers vertical one-stop service for the entire motor and rubber industry chain. 

    In order to strengthen management, CJC is an enterprise that introduced ERP system earlier in the industry, and has the honor to become the OEM/ODM supplier of many best-known enterprises.

    CJC products are protected by more than 100 patents covering all areas of control, mechanical parts, motor design, appliances, material processing and etc., the aim is to be a one-stop deliver from electromagnetic simulation circuit simulation to structural design to final product.

    2017, CJC was awarded as "national high-tech enterprises" by Guangdong Science and Technology Department and The Ministry of Finance. All our products are qualified by UL/CSA/CE/CCC.

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